giddyup digital is a Bend, Oregon-based website design and development agency that specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through tailored solutions and expert guidance, transforming technology from an obstacle into a strength to be leveraged.




To start moving or move faster; to get a move on.

Polaroid picture of man wearing a cowboy hat and white button up shirt, sitting on a blue couch, petting a cute red heeler puppy. Both are looking at the camera.

Hello, my name is Morgan.

While transitioning my career from Mechanical to Software engineering, I began designing and developing websites as a way to earn money while also expanding my skill set. What started as a way to make ends meet quickly morphed into something more, as I found a deep sense of meaning from being able to utilize my unique skills to help small business owners succeed. I decided to pursue web design/development full time, and giddyup digital llc was born.



People over profits

Money is the “how” to our business, not the "why". We aim to have a positive impact on every person we interact with.


Bias towards action

Problems get solved through action, not by dwelling on them. Giddyup!


Golden Rule 2.0

“Treat everything the way you hope everyone would treat everything”

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